The Next Move

So, Michelle, did you actually just wake up one day and decide you were going to move to Melbourne?” asked the hairdresser.

Um, yeah.  I guess I did“.

And that my friends, is how almost exactly one week after from disembarking from one plane, I am about to board another one.  But let me go back to the beginning.

I guess life here in Perth was starting to get a little on top of me.  Work was my life (and not enjoyably so) and my friends, family and probably most importantly, myself came somewhere after that.  Everything was rolling along too fast, life zipping past the window and I started to feel like I wasn’t engaging in it actively anymore.  Rather just struggling to get through each day.

And then, for some strange reason, lying in bed one night, the thought literally popped into my head.  “Why don’t you just move to Melbourne“.  Of course it was followed by a lot of internal dialogue – “You’ve always wondered what it would have been like, why don’t you find out for real?”  Why not exactly.  “Well, because you are nearly 40, and women in their nearly 40’s don’t just pack up their lives and move to other cities!”  “BUT, you’ve always loved it there, and you do have AT LEAST another 25 – 30 years of working left.  And you know you’ll regret it if you never give it a go“.  “Yeah, but, what if I don’t like it?”  “Well, that’s the easy bit – like you tell everyone else – the worst that can happen is you don’t like it and then you come home!

I started thinking I could actually do this.  I now had the tools, because I could apply the SMART theory that my personal trainer had taught me (thank you Mel from Crank Health & Fitness!) and it all suddenly seemed VERY doable.

Specific – Move to Melbourne

Measurable – Minimum, one year

Achievable – Sure, with a bit of juggling and some belief in myself

Realistic – Of course, you can do anything you set your mind to

Timeframe – By Melbourne Cup Day (for good measure).

And voila, next thing you know, my house was on the market and sold at the first home open, I resigned from my job, and with just a few hiccups, it was happening.  So now that I’m back from Europe, and temporarily living with my parents, I am super eager to get into it, but of course there are still things I need to sort out here – and the impending school holidays will be perfect to spend quality time with my niece before I go – but that means the inevitable boredom has set in (and to be honest I’m sick of the smell of Dad’s cigarettes), so I thought why not jump on a plane and head over for a few days to check out some apartments and just get things started.

I guess this means that for the next year that I’ll be exploring of a different kind.  As a single lady, who’s moved to a new city to start a new life, looking to be inspired again and trying to find a bright shiny future.

So, who wants to know about Melbourne?

One thought on “The Next Move

  1. Hey Michelle 🙂
    still enjoy your updates, thanks
    and before you move far far away…
    will you be popping back to 95 for a visit at all??
    I missed you’re last day 🙁

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