One thing that I am is a planner.  I make plans and stick to them and in the past I’ve not been very good at adapting well when my plans change.  I like to plan and undertake the majority of activities on my pre-planned itinerary.

But I’ve noticed during my last few trips that I am becoming more accepting of change and far more adaptable, sometimes not by choice.  I think I’ve done enough travel to know now, that even the best laid plans don’t always come off.  I sometimes (alright, maybe too many times) set the bar too high for myself and then get so very disappointed when I don’t match all the expectations that I set for myself.  Just look at my last trip, when getting sick put a halt to a lot of my plans!

I need to learn its ok if something doesn’t come off, because there’s usually something else equally as awesome that can replace it.

So the challenge for my next trip?  To not research and plan so much, and to go with the flow.

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