Last Drinks

The other day from a taxi window, I saw a Cedele restaurant up high in Wheelock Place.  It looked like it would make a nice place for breakfast with a view and Cedele has a range of breakfast options,  including gluten free meals, so that’s where we decided to go to start the day.  The selection of food is amazing, and the food itself is ok, though Erin’s eggs look far from cooked.  But the view is the winner.

We spend a few hours browsing the shops and then I’m cheered up by the sight of The Hokkaido Ice Cream Company, who make my beloved black sesame ice cream.  I couldn’t talk Erin into it unfortunately, but I tell you – you gotta try it!


We were aiming to dine at the food hall in Takashimaya, but unfortunately everyone else has the same idea and there’s no way we are getting a table, so we’ll have to choose somewhere else.  You may think much of my time in Singapore is about eating – and well, it is.  Singapore is a food lover’s paradise.  There’s nothing you can’t dine on here and celebrity chef, after celebrity chef has a restaurant here – Wolfgang Puck, Tetsuya, Luke Mangan, Joel Robuchon and Jamie Oliver!  And then there’s the hawker stalls, the snack bars, dessert bars open til 2am, the wet markets, the cake shops!  Chinese, Peranakan, Malay, Indian, French, Italian, Japanese, Australian, English, Irish, Russian!  It’s so hard to make a food decision, do you go for an awesome place you found last time or do you try something new in town.  And places change so quickly, what’s there today, might not be next month!  It’s food everywhere you look and it’s all good.  So you just end up eating all the time.

Crossing Orchard Road to shop at Somerset 313, is a restaurant lined approach to the ground floor of the mall.  It features a host of funky little eateries.  I’ve dined at Oriele a couple of times, but today we try JiBiru which is a Japanese beer house.  The waiter has obviously had a big night or has other things on his mind, cause he mixes up our beers (which normally wouldn’t be an issue except Erin is allergic to mango and that’s what he’s given her) and the set lunch he talks us into is not better value than what we were going to choose anyway.  The manager shakes his head as he proceeds to the next table to muck up their order also.

Just as well the beer is refreshing and my curry rice hits the spot.

Today the Singapore heat is back in full force and we’ve taken about half a dozen steps before we are sweating like pigs.  With the countdown to our flight beginning, it’s time to head back to the hotel.  Slowly.  Very slowly.

Normally taxi rides in Singapore aren’t an issue,  but today (and just because my puffy red eyes are still making me feel like crap), its about to be.  A flash looking taxi arrives in the hotel driveway and the bellhop goes over to him, chatting in some language I don’t understand,  before motioning us into it.  Wary of the fancy taxi and the fact I’m on the last of my holiday dollars, I ask the bellhop whether the taxi will cost more.   “Oh no”, he assures me “maybe $20/$25 max”.  Well that is more than the $15/$20 we usually pay to get between the airport and most city hotels, but it’s the last day, so what the heck.

Arriving at the airport, you can imagine my surprise when the driver says “that’ll be $33, but we’ll just round that up to $35.  It’s not that much difference!”  Um, yes.  Actually, it is.  “It might not be to you, but we’ve just paid double what we normally do!”  I huffed at him.  “It’s all good”.  No, no its not and your taxi company will be finding out about it when I get home!

Thank goodness for…

The Butterfly Garden

I guess most people who have visited Changi will know about its gardens.  In all my travels through, to and from Singapore,  I’ve never actually stopped to have a look myself.   So today I’m going to change that with a trip to the Butterfly Garden.  There are all sorts of stunning butterflies making their home here – and an abundance of children chasing them around.  I’m sorry but parents – WTF?


Their colourful little wings flit open and closed as they hop from leaf to stamen, seemingly without a care in the world, except for the trail of children chasing them.   Anyway, there is also an amazing orchid garden and a cactus garden hidden within the confines of this fine airport, so they’ll be for checking out next time.

I can’t believe it’s time to leave Singapore again.  I say it every time.  I know.  There’s so much more to do here and frankly I’m not sure I’ll ever do and see it all.  But I’ve had such an amazing trip and thankfully I know I’ll be back soon enough.

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