Countdown to the New Year

Breakfast commences at TCC, which is a bit of a staple for my visits.  They are always open early and always have a good menu with healthy options and an endless list of juices, teas and coffees.  This morning they are playing an awesome mix of Christmas carols and its going down a treat.

We decide to head to Chinatown to check out the markets.  We cruise around the streets, trying to find a massage, unsuccessfully, but we do find beer – cheap.  Blinded by the sign that says $6 beers, being used to paying double that in most places, we head inside the Chinatown Seafood Restaurant and order beers, not expecting the king browns that arrived at our table.  Erin and I sit, watching the passersby, chattering on about this and that.  Enjoying life.

I stop by a little stall to make a purchase of something that is near and dear to those in Chinatown – bakkwa.  These sheets of salty sweet dried meat, similar to jerky, glisten in the shop windows, as the shopkeepers shout out to attract passing trade.  I grab a few sheets for our pre-drinks this evening, fully knowing it will probably just be me and Mike who chow down on this Hokkien delicacy.  But when in Rome!….

We get down to business when we return to the hotel, primping and preening.  Getting ready for the biggest night of the year.  Leigh and Mike arrive at our hotel and we crack open the champagne to start the night off.  We gabble away, enjoying a few drinks that Erin and I had pre-purchased during the afternoon, pre-empting that we would be up for some expensive drinks once we headed out.  We put on our 2014 glasses and glittery top hats and quickly settle into party mode.



I spent a lot of time scouring the internet to try and find somewhere for us to spend New Years Eve.  I wanted something special.  Somewhere close to our hotels in case we couldn’t get a cab, somewhere that didn’t cost a fortune.  Somewhere we could have a meal and some drinks, but where we could still dance.  Somewhere with a view of the fireworks but that didn’t cost a fortune.  The Fullerton was charging $100 just to view the fireworks with a glass of champagne.  Kudeta would have had the best view in town, but the menu was dominated by seafood, which wouldn’t have suited half our party.  Orgo was putting on a great spread – a 12 course banquet with free flow of cocktails and the view would have been spectactular.  It was great value at $300 per head, if we weren’t on holidays and hoping to do anything else!  Plenty of hotels had special meals on – but where was the view?  Finally, the perfect place presented itself – Loof.  Loof was one of those places “I had been meaning to get to for ages” (say it with me now!).  It was Singapore’s first roof top bar (hence the name Loof/roof) and they were hosting an evening of lancing (yep, dancing) for New Years.  There was no set menu – though you could pre-order food and drinks if you liked – and no hefty entrance fee.  And it was just around the corner from Erin and my hotel, across the road from the Raffles Hotel, so it would have a partial view of the fireworks.  Perfect.

We leave our hotel room, nicely merry already and head a few buildings down the street to Loof.  We are given our entry wristbands and the host radios our arrival to the party upstairs.  We are escorted into the lift and upstairs to Loof, where our host for the evening exhuberantly introduces himself and guides us to our table, which is near the edge of the loof, I mean roof – set for a perfect view of the fireworks later in the evening.  He takes our drink orders and our pre-ordered snacks come smartly out to our table.  Loof sure know how to make a girl feel special!  I order a Gummi Berri, which comes with a two inch thick layer of marshmallow on top!  Our tables play host to little party bags containing all sorts of clickers, blowers and whistles ready to usher in the new year.

The food is fantastic -mini sliders, san choy bow, loof flies (yes, fries) with truffle sauce and kong bak pau- and our drinks are just divine.  They were satisfying and plentiful and best of all – we didn’t need to leave our chairs to order more!




The DJ was great and we grooved and sang our hearts out, often fitting our own songs into his mix.

All too soon, the countdown is commencing and the fireworks explode against the night sky.  We can see half of them, but it’s enough to be spectacular.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m away from home experiencing New Years but I’m having a ball.  It’s probably because I’m with a beautiful group of people I love to pieces, and who mean so much to me, and I’m so happy that I’m here in this moment with them.


Night over, we walk the brief walk back to the hotel.  Erin does the sensible thing, calls it quits and heads to bed but I can tell Mike is still full of steam, and I have no reason to be a piker, so we indulge and head across the road to Chjimes.  Insomnia is open and we are hungry.  We order pizza and sing our hearts out to the cover band playing Guns n Roses inside, much to the dismay of those listening!  Stomach’s full, the night winds to an end and we head off to find the solace of sleep and dreams of what will be for the year ahead.

Cheers – to the best New Years Eve ever and the year ahead to come!

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