Day of the Peacock

Despite neither of us being big ‘sleeper inners’, both Erin and I managed to sleep in quite well, before deciding to hit the gym.  The gym is situated in the new part of the hotel, and is really, really well equipped with, pretty much everything!  Not to mention that aside from the hotel lobby, this is the only other place in the hotel I can get free wifi!

After an hour, its time to head off to breakfast.  Early this morning, my sister Leigh and her husband Mike, arrived in Singapore also.  They are on enroute to Vietnam, however I managed to convince them to give Singapore a try.  So we meet up at The Plain, nearby to their hotel in Tanjong Pagar, at a little café I’ve been reading about.  Garnering quite a reputation for serving up Melbourne-style coffee, The Plain is a laid back little café, with the most friendly, helpful awesome staff I’ve ever encountered.  And while the menu is not extensive, and a lot of what we tried to order wasn’t available, the coffee was indeed awesome and ambiance more than made up for it.  Definitely a good start to the day.

Leigh and Mike are understandably tired, having arrived in the dark, but they are obviously eager to explore this city, so all fed and coffee-d up, we grab a cab and take them to Singapore’s beachside playground – Sentosa Island.


About ten minutes later, if that, we arrive underneath the giant Merlion statue and get ready to start the day.  Leigh and Mike head off to the new Aquarium, but Erin and I have a less active day in mind, choosing instead to retreat to the sanctuary of Spa Botanica.

If you love a bit of spa action and have some time to spare and some extra cash, you really must come to Spa Botanica.  My treatment today was a Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime scrub and I can’t even begin to tell you how good it smelt.  Erin and I marvel at how zingy and clean and fresh our skin feels, as though layers of stress and pollution have been lifted in just minutes.  It’s always money well spent.  Once you’ve finished your treatment, you can spend some time relaxing in the garden, swimming in the pool or lathering yourself up in the mud bath.  And then, it’s time for lunch.  Spa Botanica has that covered too, with it’s alfresco dining area, The Garden, where you can make your own bowl or bucket – yes bucket – of salad.  I went with a bowl of baby spinach, wild mushrooms, red onion, cashews, pumpkin and feta with a little olive oil and it was amazing!




There are fresh juices and all sorts of goodies on the menu, and if you really can’t resist, of course there is wine.  The food is absolutely divine and we now feel as good on the inside, managing to avoid the wine, as we do on the outside.  All I could think was missing from this day, was the beautiful peacocks that usually roam the grounds, but as we were leaving, one came strutting up the stairs and proudly stood posing for me while I took a million snaps!

Heading back to the hotel, we decided a spot of shopping would be a good idea, but first I wanted to cross the road, and check out a building I’ve been wanting to see for years – Chijmes.  Chijmes was historically a Catholic convent known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus and it is just stunning.  Now, it houses a host of restaurants, bars and an all night club, called Insomnia.




Chijmes was a refreshing oasis in the middle of Singapore.  Such a beautiful setting.  So beautiful we decide this would be the best place to spend the evening.  And as if Chijmes wasn’t gorgeous enough by day, it was simply stunning lit up at night.  Be warned though – this is definitely not the cheapest place on the island to eat and its likely your glass of wine will cost as much as your meal.  But I guess that’s the price of such a perfect setting.


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