And I’m Off Again….Almost

This time in two weeks I’ll be touching down in …  hahaha, didn’t think I was giving it away that easily did you?

Stayed tuned…

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  1. katie1519 says:

    YOU TRAVEL MORE THAN ME>>>>> LOL I can’t wait to hear all about it. xox

    1. arianne1504 says:

      Only cause your on temptation island. Haha

  2. Malland, Helen (RTIO) says:

    Cheeky !!!!

    Kind regards,

    Helen Malland
    Receptionist – Project Services
    Projects and Development

    Rio Tinto
    Wesley Building: Level 1, 93 – 95 William Street, Perth, 6000, Western Australia

    T: +61 (08) 9205 0200

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