Product Alert: Turkish Cotton Towels

It may be that everyone knows about these towels, except for me. But I’ve just discovered them and they are amazing and I can only think that I wish I knew about them before my recent trip, cause they would have been very handy.

I was at the Fremantle Markets with one of my girlfriends and we came across a stall selling funky looking towels.  We had a chat to the owner and she explained that these towels were made of Turkish cotton.  There were small towels (perfect for your hair) and larger towels perfect for the beach.  So what’s so special about these towels and why the heck am I including them on a travel blog then?

Well they are made of Turkish cotton, which means that they are extremely absorbent.  Turkish Cotton has more threads which means more absorbency.  It also means a much smaller towel for the beach than what you are used to, and because they are so absorbent and so damn funky looking, you can also wear them as a sarong afterwards.  Given I spent most of my last holiday at the beach, it would have been the perfect thing to pack.  At least I know for next time.

So I bought the size that would cater as a hair towel as my first experiment.  And it is every bit as amazing as the woman at the markets promised it would be.  It has soaked up my wet hair but every time I touch it, there’s no trace of the massively damp towel that normally sits atop my head.

My conclusion…if you find yourself in the Fremantle Markets, visit the “Everlong Handmade Towels” stall and buy one of these towels.  Or visit or or even on Facebook.  Of course, if there’s no chance of you being in Fremantle any time soon, I’m sure you can get there at other places around the world.

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