Counting Down

Day 26:  San Francisco

Today I was supposed to do an urban adventure walking out onto the Golden Gate Bridge along the Pacific Coast, visiting San Francisco’s most exclusive neighbourhood and the Sutro Baths.  But guess what – I found out yesterday that I’m the only one booked on this tour.  This is the first place I’ve ever been to where they don’t like to run tours for solo guests.  I’ve done a few of them now and they turn out the best because you can generally tailor them a bit more and also see a bit more.  But in San Fran, they are incredibly eager to move you to another day with other people or cancel.

After the cancellation of my wine tour yesterday morning, I just decided to go with the cancellation on this one too.  I figure my heart is already not into this place, and if they are trying to talk me out of these tours, then their hearts aren’t in it either, so it would be a waste of time for everyone.  Whatever.  San Francisco is not my place.  The cards keep falling to show this.  Today is my last day here and I can fly out in the early hours of tomorrow morning that I never have to come back again.

So yesterday in the Hard Rock I mapped out a whole new plan for today, which was all very fine and well until I started researching it a bit more, and quite frankly, everywhere in this town is filled with homeless people.  Please don’t get me wrong – there was homeless people in New York and there was homeless people in Seattle.  They were also in London.  And I was fine with it – you read my blogs, it certainly didn’t stop me from getting out and about.  But the vibe here is different, a little more in your face and menacing if I can call it anything, a bit more drug addled and its making me feel uneasy.  I’m not feeling confident as a solo female traveller in this town.

So even though I know I am not making the most of the city or probably even giving it a proper chance, at the end of the day I don’t have to and I’d prefer to just feel safe.  So I jump in a cab and just head back to Fishermans Wharf – yes, where I spent yesterday, but there’s other stuff I haven’t seen, and frankly it’s the only place I feel kind of ok about.

Instead of the woeful hotel breakfast, I decide to dine at Pier 39, overlooking the water.  There’s still no seals.

I contemplate hopping on a tram, but the line is too long.

I stop by Ghirardelli for a chocolate hot fudge sundae.

Oh yes, it tastes as good as it looks
Oh yes, it tastes as good as it looks

I wander around the Hyde Street Pier.

Hyde St Pier
Hyde St Pier

I hear an evacuation test alert sound out across the bay.

I see a clearer picture of Alcatraz today.

Alcatraz from Hyde St Pier
Alcatraz from Hyde St Pier

I have lunch at Tarantino’s.

I spy the famous Bush Man – a homeless dude who hides behind bushes around Fisherman’s Harbour and scares the crap out of people walking by.  My video isn’t very good and won’t upload anyway, but here’s one from the web:

That dude had some serious money in his bucket – more than I’ve seen in most tip jars.

There’s also another homeless man that walks around with a cat standing on his shoulders.

Arriving back at my hotel at 2pm in the afternoon would normally be a bad thing, but I figure at least I can store up some sleep for my long flight ahead.

My transfer arrives at 10pm tonight, and I’ll be out of this town on my way to the last destination of my trip, my  Singapore.  I can definitely say, I won’t be leaving my heart in San Francisco.

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