Day 14:  Grand Cayman Islands

Today is a nice clear day – I’ve been waiting for another one of these!  It’s a good thing because I’m off kayaking again today, this time through mangrove country.

Mangrove Kayak

We paddle into the mangrove forest to discover the world under the mangrove canopy.  We glide through the waters looking for wildlife – we see a couple of different types of crabs, a barracuda and jellyfish, not to mention the iguanas in the mangrove trees.  The tour is run by Cayman Sea Elements and our guide is very knowledgeable and environmentally aware and we learn so many interesting facts – well most of us do, because the three boys in the family kayaking with me, could not seem any less interested and in the end, the guide encourages them to go off kayaking around the waters.

One of the interesting things the guide points out, is a sample of a seaplant named Mermaids Wineglass.  In the 1930s–1950s, Joachim Hammerling conducted experiments using Mermaids Wineglass (or whatever it’s more scientific name is) to demonstrate that genetic information is contained in the nucleus.  This was the first demonstration that genes are encoded by DNA in eukaryotes (organisms whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within membranes).

Unfortunately my underwater disposable camera takes one photo and decides it has had enough.  I’m sure the shot reader says 6, but clearly it meant to say 1.  Damn it.

So…’s a photo of an iguana instead….


Katie finishes up early today and we spend the afternoon down at the beach.  We head to Calico Jacks, but unfortunately it seems the passengers from the two cruise ships currently in port are thinking of the same thing.  There’s masses of people, packed into and around the bar, all across the beach chairs and packed into the ocean.  Then hour by hour, the shuttle busses herd up their passengers and pack them off back to the ship, leaving behind a trail of rubbish devastation.  Empty plastic cocktail cups, plastic water bottles and Styrofoam junk food containers litter the sand, but finally it’s quiet.

Three cocktails later, we head back to the hotel, and decide to stop by the bottle shop, where the shopkeeper asks us if we are interested in a wine tasting – three half glass testers in about a minute’s time period.  Katie buys a bottle of wine, just so we can get out of there.  We may only have about 300m to go to get to our hotel room, but it’s a really loooong 300m.

Now where’s my wine glass…


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