Parasailing and Ponies

Day 13:  Grand Cayman Islands

Today is parasail day – another challenge I wanted to set for myself on this trip.  So you can imagine my horror, when I switch on the TV and the news is carrying a story about a parasail incident in Florida.  Two teenage girls had ended up in a critical condition when their parasail detached from its boat, and carried them over the beach where they hit powerlines, crashed into cars and finally a condominium building.

I know these things happen, but I am praying to God that my sail today is cancelled.  It is windy outside, but will it be enough?

I keep the news to myself, but when Katie rings to tell me the sail is cancelled due to the weather – I can’t contain my relief.  They are likely to sail tomorrow, but I am really gonna have to have a rethink about this one.

So what to do today now?

How about explore Georgetown?  Ok let’s do it.  Flagging down a local bus, off I head to browse around Georgetown.  Only Georgetown is really just a gaggle of tourist shops.  They are all filled with either expensive watches and jewellery, or printed tourist t-shirts, hats and tacky souvenirs.  And the place is deserted, because – you guessed it – there’s no cruise ships in town today.  It’s really quite underwhelming.  I wanted locally made jewellery or something different, but I wasn’t going to find it in Georgetown.  Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I turned around and headed for home.

Slow day in Georgetown
Slow day in Georgetown

After lunch at Rackums, which I might add was interrupted by an iguana that was keen to get way too close to my table, and a quick dip in the hotel pool, which I had to myself, I had the afternoon to relax before the special evening I have planned.  Of course, I stayed away from any news reports on the TV, so there was no chance that I would be scared off by some freak horse riding accident.

Sunset Horseride

Arriving at Pampered Ponies via transport from the hotel, I’m quietly wondering what’s in store for me.  I can’t remember the last time I went horse riding, but it must be a long, long, long time ago.  A family of four has arrived before me, and would you believe – my faith in the existence of good looking long haired men is restored.  The guy is very cute.  And very like a young Eddie Vedder, with an A-mazing smile.  Too bad he’s probably about (at least?) 17 years too young.  And with his Mum and Dad.  But very friendly and chatty.

A-hem, anyway, back to the horses.  We are all paired up with the horse that matches us best and before too long, we are heading off along the beach.  The horses meander between the sand and the waves as we pass by little shanty huts along the seaside.  Coconuts wash up on the shore and you can feel the occasional flick of the horses tail.  The setting briefly changes to mangrove, then back to sea, and small stingrays dart away from the shoreline as we approach.

Jack and Me in the Sea
Jack and Me in the Sea

We lead the horses into the ocean and the guides take photos of us in the water, before we turn around and head back along the sand to the stables.  Unfortunately there is no sunset to the sunset ride, but the ride is memorable in any case.  What a beautiful way to end the day.


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