The Art of Cayman

Day 12:  Grand Cayman Islands

Well, it’s another windy, overcast day in Cayman.  But at least today, that means perfect weather to hit up the National Gallery.  Given the cooler break in weather, I decide to walk, ignoring the light rain.  Then the slightly heavier rain, then the quite heavy continuous rain.  Several people stop to offer me a lift, which I politely decline.  I am a little soaked when I finally arrive at the Gallery, but luckily I am the only visitor so no one notices.

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

This gallery was established in 1996 but has only been in its current home since 2012.  It features works from local and international artists.  The current exhibition is entitled Art of Assemblage, which is basically contemporary works created from found objects and recycled materials.  And the artworks are amazing.

Bits of fish
Bits of fish
The Ivanator
The Ivanator

The Ivanator, pictured above, was a striking tribute to the artist’s experience of Hurrican Ivan.  The blurb next to the piece reads “We retreated from the downstairs to the washroom when the French doors blew out into the courtyard early Sunday morning.  The next twelve hours were spent huddled together in a small space protected by a mattress as the door, while the storm raged outside.  Ivan seemed like a robot in the way that it systematically attacked the trees, roof and house.  Ivan created a wide variety of debris, both natural and man-made.  The head of my robot came from the top of my roof where I had warm air vents; I thought it represented the spiral of Ivan on the weather channel”.

Once again, Cayman surprised me.  I really didn’t expect to see such an awesome exhibition here.  I need to stop being so surprised.

Stopping off for lunch at Camana Bay, I found myself a salad called The Lola.  Of course, given that’s the name of my gorgeous niece back home, how could I resist!  And oh goodness, it was one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten in my life.

The Lola
The Lola

A quiet afternoon was in store for me though.  I kind of thought that the attractions on the island would be a little closer together, which they aren’t really, so unless you pay $50 to get there, and $50 to get back, the Botanic Gardens are out of bounds.  I have tried to book parasailing for tomorrow, but the weather is looking shaky, and the booking can’t be confirmed.  It’s still raining quite continuously outside, which kind of makes swimming not so much fun either.  But I did come here to try and relax, so a nice snooze on the couch is in order.  Can you believe that Katie actually has guests today complaining about the weather, as if she can do something to fix it!

Before arriving on Cayman, I was very keen to attend the Caribbean Beach BBQ at Kaibo.  And that was due to be our destination for tonight, but the weather is just not appetizing at all.  A beach BBQ with the rain and the wind, and given that it’s a 45 minute drive away from Seven Mile Beach – it just doesn’t make sense.  Instead, and joined by one of Katie and Yoshi’s new friends, we head to the complex next door and enjoy a fantastic meal of sushi and sashimi at Yoshi’s.  This is much better.

Cosy dinner at Yoshi's - well away from the wind and the rain
Cosy dinner at Yoshi’s – well away from the wind and the rain

I wonder what tomorrow will hold in store….

P.S.  If you’re wondering about the frequent 0 iguana count, it’s because they don’t like the rain or cooler weather.


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  1. will have to check out the national art gallery, hope you enjoyed your time in Cayman despite all the rain 🙂 if you visit Cayman again there are some great tour companies like Cayman Safari

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