Snorkel Time

Day 9:  Grand Cayman Island

This morning is blowing a gale on Grand Cayman Island.  The sky is grey and hungover and the wind is blowing a treat.  It looks to me like the day may be a write off, but Katie insists that it will clear and we can head out to the beach.  And true enough, she’s right.

Packing a picnic lunch and some wine, the three of us head off to the beach for the day.  Yoshi unpacks his windsurfer and takes to the waves, while Katie and I snorkel our way through the waters.  There are lots more colourful fish today than I saw yesterday, but soon enough, I had reached my limit.  My jaw and shoulders are sore from being tense as I snorkel.  I probably didn’t explain that I don’t really like the ocean.  I don’t like the ocean in general, it’s a way bigger beast than me, I don’t like that I can’t see the boundaries and I don’t know what’s down there.  I’m ok in the shallow, but once I start going out deep, I don’t like it.  I can’t stop thinking about drowning, shipwrecks, dangerous animals, the unknown.  It’s taken everything in me to be able to do this snorkelling thing.

But I think I am getting there and can now at least appreciate the little coloured fishes I can see darting around the seabed.  In shallowish water.

Another demon faced and conquered (well – mainly)….

DAILY IGUANA COUNT:  2 (both dead)

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