Cocktails in the Ocean

Day 7:  Grand Cayman Island

The weather here on Grand Cayman Island is hot.  Really hot.  You can feel the sun burning your skin as you walk around, and you are covered in sweat after about 15 minutes walking.  But every now and again a beautiful breeze breaks the heat just enough to make you forget about it and continue on your way.

Today is just a lazy day, catching up on washing now that I have my luggage back, and just chilling. You can never under appreciate the value of freshly washed clothes as much as when you are travelling – especially in this heat.

Katie takes me over to the Sunshine Grill, which is the onsite restaurnt to try todays ice cream flavour (root beer) and meet the manager, who then very kindly treats me to their signature drink – the Painkiller.  The ‘infamous’ Painkiller originated at the Soggy Dollar Bar on a long stretch of beach at White Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.  There was no dock, which meant the usual way to the bar was to swim – and of course as a consequence your dollars got wet.  Anyway, the drink is made of pineapple juice, orange juice, cream of coconut, gold rum and freshly grated nutmeg – quite refreshing and lovely.

The Painkiller
The Painkiller

After an afternoon walk along the beach, Katie and I stop off for a cocktail at Calico Jacks.  I grab my drink off the bar and walk towards the benches, but Katie keeps on walking towards the water.  What is she doing?  Do you mean that you can actually drink your cocktail in the ocean?  And the answer is yes – you can!  You could never do this at home in Australia.  It’s heaven floating around in the warm Caribbean waters, sipping on a large cup of strawberry flavoured cocktail.

Walking home slowly back along the beach, all over the place little sand crabs scurry across the beach and then quickly dip back into their holes in the sand.  It’s easy to forget the time of day or even which day of the week it is on this island.  And this beach is really quite a special place.

Little sand crabs
Little sand crabs


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