My Biggest Trip Ever

I’ve done two trips by myself now (albeit to places I had already visited with others and therefore quite comfortable with) and whilst I really enjoy travelling by myself, I still have all the nerves about getting through airports, navigating transport, hoping hotel bookings are ok and all the other things that make me worry, especially when there’s no-one else to bounce off.  On this trip, I will be going through some of the biggest airports in the world – Heathrow, Dubai and JFK, so I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me nervous.

Will my travel money card work properly, or at all, and what happens if it doesn’t.  Have I even got enough money?

Am I going to be susceptible to jetlag or not, and if so, will it slow me down or stop me from enjoying my time?

But mostly I’m starting to get exciting.  This will be such a big trip.  There’s going to be so much to do and see, and I imagine it’s going to seem like there’s so little time to do it in.  Hope you’re ready for some really, really long blog posts…

One week to go – let the countdown begin!

2 thoughts on “My Biggest Trip Ever

  1. YAY, you’ve finally started your countdown!! A trip of a lifetime and memories to last a lifetime!!! xo You’re going to have soo much fun.

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