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Living in Perth, Western Australia, it’s always a bug bear of ours that no bands ever come to Perth.  It’s too far away from the more exciting Eastern States and most bands miss us out.  And given it’s more expensive for us in Perth to travel to the eastern states of Australia than it is to a lot of parts of the world, but in particular Asia, it’s not like it’s really an option to just jump on a plane to go to the gig.  It’s simply out of our league.  So unless you are a HUGE fan, you just deal with it and miss out.

Therefore, it’s in our opinion that everywhere else in the world has far better chance to see awesome bands than we do.  So it’s only natural that when you travel to other parts of the world you expect that there will be at least one awesome gig you could attend anywhere in the world at any given time.

That’s not been my experience though.  OK I know my travel has been only throughout Asia at this time, but still there are Asian bands and artists I love too (c’mon – y’all know what a fan of PopAsia I am!!!)  that I never manage to find playing a gig when I’m in town (in particular Headphones President or Shiina Ringo from Japan!).  And as a diehard music fan, it’s really disappointing!  Of all the travels I’ve undertaken there’s only ever been one gig that I’ve wanted to attend – and let me say it was definitely an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME one if that was to be the only overseas gig I ever see in my life – Motley Crue at Fort Canning in Singapore (insert funny/embarrassing story – this was an amazing gig and I was soooo excited to see Motley Crue, and more specifically at the prospect of seeing Nikki Sixx in the flesh, that I totally forgot I was in meltingly humid Singapore while getting ready, with a full face of makeup, just like I would have done if I was at home.  Long story short, on the train on the way back to my hotel after the gig, I was wondering why everyone was staring at me – thinking it was simply because I was the only white girl on the train at this time of night, I shrugged it off.  Until I returned to my hotel and the staff were extra smiley as well.  Just my night?  No, when I got in the lift it was quite clear they had all been staring at me because after a night of moshing to the Crue, all my makeup had run down my face! Bahahahha…….anyway…)

This is the only gig I have managed to catch overseas.  So with my upcoming trip, which includes London and the US – surely there’s going to be a major gig that I’ll be incredibly excited about getting tix to…..or will there?  I haven’t found anything yet….Seattle I’m holding out soooo much hope for you…..

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