KL 2.0 Last Day of the Second Time Around

I treat myself to a buffet breakfast at the hotel today, which is really nice.  What really impresses me is that when I leave the restaurant, they say “thank you Miss Keller, have a lovely day!”

This morning I have a date with The Spa at my hotel.  More specifically a full body scrub.  Now for those of you uninitiated with the full body scrub, the biggest thing is getting over the fact that someone is rubbing your body down.  Trust me, I spent the entire time of my first scrub stiff as a board and totally embarrassed that someone was scrubbing me from head to toe.  But afterwards, I was a bit embarrassed that I actually probably never scrubbed myself down quite that thoroughly.  And to be honest, I actually now try to make it a priority to have one on holidays now.  So all I can say is that give it a go at least once and give yourself a chance to feel totally refreshed!

I had really wanted to visit Putrajaya on this trip, but it’s not going to happen, because you know what?  I just don’t feel like it.  I feel more like….shopping.

I find a brochure about a bus called “Go KL” and decide to give it a go.  I turn up at Pavillion shopping centre, and just as I walk out the front, I spot the bus departing from across the road.  Cool – now I know where it goes from.  So I cross the road, but there’s no signs or indications of where the bus might stop.  So thank goodness I had seen the previous bus, and I stand there waiting for the next bus.  It’s not far away.  But as we are driving through the streets of KL, I notice there is not really any indications of which stops are which, either on the bus or on the sidewalk – that is if there is even a bus stop where the bus is making it’s stops.  It makes me a bit nervous and I decide to make only one stop – at the Central Market.

Central Market or Pasar Seni is quite the main attraction in KL.  It was founded in 1888 and originally used as a wet market.  It was built in 1888 by the British who were ruling Malaya at that time.  As Kuala Lumpur experienced its own development at a rapid pace in the 1970s, there were plans to demolish the site. The intervention of the Malaysian Heritage Society proved timely as they successfully petitioned against its deconstruction and the site was declared as a ‘Heritage Site’.

The Central Market Kuala Lumpur is arranged in a stall concept, representing the traditional market that has existed in Kuala Lumpur since the 1800s.  The second floor hosts a food court, offering an array of food.  I find a little shop selling Tenmoku pottery, and while I don’t really like pottery, this stuff is really nice.  I buy a few gifts, including some gorgeous earrings for myself for the bargain price of $6!

Finishing up at the market, I head back to the bus stop for a trip back to the main shopping precinct near the Pavillion.

My hotel is in THE best spot.  I already mentioned how close it is to Em’s, but it’s also so close to the shopping – especially Suria and Pavillion.  Best of all, Suria is connected by an undercover and partially airconditioned walkway.  The walkway is maybe a couple of kilometres long and has security guards along the way, which makes you feel safe while you are carrying all your shopping back to the hotel!

I finish up the afternoon with a bit more shopping – just one more book at Kinoukinya I swear, before having lunch at the Pressroom Bistro and happily spy a Chardonnay from Pemberton on the menu.

Tonight I catch up with Em for dinner and drinks at Suria.  We decide to have dinner at The Little Penang Café – it’s really nice to try some local food, so I order Nasi Lemak and a lime juice for the grand price of about $6.  We do a brief last minute shop and then head back to my hotel for drinks at The Skybar.  It’s a fantastic view and a wonderful evening spent sipping cocktails and chatting with Em.



I’ve really enjoyed this trip, and it’s a shame I have to get up so early in the morning for my flight home, because I’m really enjoying this night with Em.  But at least this time I can say, I think I will probably be back…

…after all…I still didn’t get to Putrajaya!

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