Journey to the (Other) End of the World

Having conquered my solo trip to Japan, I now have another new challenge in mind.

Typically I have always travelled through Asia. I love that the culture, beliefs, language and the food are just so totally different than those in my home country of Australia. Its just fascinating and I can’t say I’ve ever had a hankering to travel to many other places in the world – not London or the US.

But seeing as my friend Katie is travelling around the world for the next few years – how’s a girl to catch up for a glass of wine if I don’t step outside my comfort zone?

Luckily Katie and her husband will be standing still long enough in the Grand Cayman Islands for me to catch up with them in the middle of this year.  So after what will be more than a year apart, I’m taking a trip across the world to catch up on the goss and share a few bottles of vino!

Only problem is, its a 30 hour plane ride to get to the Grand Cayman Islands from Australia!  And for someone like me, who becomes a caged tiger when bored, you can’t imagine what the thought of that does to me.  So the logical step is to break the trip down.  And where do those logical steps appear?  Of course – London and the US.

It’s really hard to plan a trip to places you have never particularly wanted to visit.  But taking the tools I used on my trip to Japan, I will conquer this trip too!

So are you ready for the ride?

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