Just Me in Japan – Taking to the Shops in Tokyo

Monday 27 November 2012

Today I am taking time out to do something dear to my heart, something I didn’t do enough of in Japan on my last visit…get out the credit card and go shopping! Shinjuku – get ready!

The shops in Japan don’t open until 10/11am, which is VERY late for someone like me. And unfortunately Monday seems to be the day that all the other interesting places that I might like to check out to fill in time, like the Tokyo Edo Museum, choose Monday as their day to be closed. So I kind of drift around the streets until 10am when Isetan opens.


Isetan is a really expensive department store, Even their gloves start from about $50 a pair! But the main attraction Isetan holds is its basement level food paradise. You have never seen such a place! It’s a shame you aren’t allowed to take photos in there because it’s a sight to behold. There is wine, fresh fruit, fish, pickles, cakes, breads, sandwiches, gyoza/dumpling stores, pattiserie’s and ready made meals of all kinds. The apple I paid $7 for came from here, but it was double the size of the apples back home, and with not a blemish to be seen. And it tasted like heaven!  And they don’t just bung your goods in a bag and go ‘see ya later mate’.  They put anything delicate in a little box, with special little chiller bags are frozen and stay cold for up to 2 hours, along with an eating utensil and a napkin.  The Japanese know service and they do it so well.

I’m dying for a sandwich today, just a good old fashioned normal sandwich, and I eye the perfect place, but it’s not time for lunch yet, so sure that I’ll find another awesome looking sandwich somewhere else, I head back out into the rain in the direction of Top Shop. Top Shops range is a disappointment. Of course, it’s heading towards winter here (as if it’s not freezing enough in Autumn), so the stores are full of jumpers, jackets and coats, but the range is just not very exciting. I leave empty handed and decide to try my luck in Zara. Their stock, whilst a little better, is still not fabulous. But I do leave with a bag full of clothes in any case. One thing that impresses me about Japan – is they are on the ball with everything – wet weather? well we wouldn’t want your new purchases to get wet – here, lets fix that – 

Ta da!  Ingenius!
I wonder around the streets in the rain, really not having very much luck finding anything. I usually have no end of options when looking for things for Lola, but I just can’t find anything here!

I am drenched to the bone, having chosen not to wear my Dr Martens out today (really stupid move), so I decide its time to head for Kirin City for curry and a beer. Well I thought I ordered a beer, but it turns out I must have ordered a beer soft serve, because that’s what it came out looking like!
I wonder the streets a little more until the only true option is to go back to the hotel early and have an arvo rest and get ready for my tour this evening.

Unfortunately it is raining so much and so constantly that my tour planned for tonight was cancelled. I was so disappointed as I was really looking forward to it. The rain had better smarten itself up because if tomorrow nights tour is also cancelled, I will be REALLY upset!

So what do I do with an empty evening looming? Well, seeing as I didn’t make it to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi last night, I decide to give it another try. I was obviously too tired to tackle it last night because I have no dramas working out how to get there tonight.

The light show, when I find it, isn’t really that impressive – obviously it’s much more impressive than any Christmas displays we have in Perth, but maybe it was the rain that made it seem less special.

Afterwards, I am still looking for that elusive sandwich, so I bite the bullet and head to Isetan’s food wonderland. I find the sandwich I eye off earlier and because of the miserable weather, decide to treat myself to a bottle of red and a spectacular looking nectarine dessert. Check this out! A right way to spend a miserable rainy night!
I sure hope that rain stops overnight cause I have a double-banger tour day lined up and it better not get cancelled!


2 thoughts on “Just Me in Japan – Taking to the Shops in Tokyo

  1. Love the the "Rain Jackets" for the shopping bags! The lights look gorgeous! And hey… dont bag out Perth Christmas Lights – they actually look really pretty this year and they have installed some water fountains for kids to play in at Forest Chase! Perth CBD is looking Fab right now!Hope you dont wake up with a headache from the Vino! You've got two tours today…fingers crossed! Cant wait to read the next installment of your trip!Nicxoxox

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