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Wow, technology has come such a long way over the last decade or so – there’s barely a minute of the day where you aren’t plugged in, tuned in, checking messages, facebooking, tweeting, skyping or updating your blog….
So when you’re on the other side of the world by yourself, are you actually by yourself?… I’ve got to think that knowing you can share your joys or disappointments instantly with those who love you has got to feel pretty close to being near your loved ones while actually being a million miles away.
Whilst I’ve been in planning for my trip to Japan, one of the things that has worried me is Japan’s lack of wifi, which I was hoping to rely on.  To date, all reports have indicated that despite how technologically advanced Japan is, when it comes to wifi, they are in the dark ages.  However, just in the last month or so, several news items have come out of Japan about the implementation of wifi in all sorts of places – and joy of joys – even my hotel in Kyoto has installed it in all their rooms just last month!
I’ve got skype, my blog, Facebook, email, my android phone…..surely there’s no way I’m actually going on this trip alone, cause you’ll all be here every day following my journey and responding to my cries for help!  Right?….please I need to know if there’s going to be someone there when I get stuck in the maze of subway/train platforms in Tokyo…..seriously???…..

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