Day Six for the Singapore Six

This morning is spent packing – it’s a laugh trying to watch Jo struggle to close her suitcase – having trouble fitting in all those shoes Jo???  My stuff fits in fine – reaffirming my previous thought that obviously I haven’t done enough shopping.

We head downstairs for a last breakfast at the Blue Potato, reflecting on the last few days.  It’s going to be hard going back to reality and Perth’s winter weather.

This morning Jo and I have pedicures and manicures booked in at Central (yes that would be manicure no. 2….so?).  So relaxing back in the chair with a pile of beauty magazines, my hands and feet become beautiful.  We have chosen to have gelish nails done, which is basically a more hardwearing, longlasting polish (and as I’m typing this retrospectively, I can tell you, it is now Sunday…five days later…and there is not a chip to be seen!).  I really need to do this stuff more often at home.

Erin and I head off to find some lunch at Clarke Quay and end up at Izakaya Tomo with a selection of Japanese delicacies, but what we enjoy most is this Asahi beers – so perfect in this weather!  Afterwards, we try to get our fortunes told at some machines in the Quay, if they’d been working they would have predicted that I would have lost $2 without getting my fortune told!

But now has come the moment to pick up our bags, check out and head to the airport.  Last minute shopping and a big chow down on junk before we get on the plane!  And we manage to snag a half empty plane on the way home so we can lay down and rest properly on the way home.

I had a fabulous time.  It was so lovely going on a holiday with a bunch of girls doing the whole shopping thing – having lots of honest opinions and lots of pampering time.  I hope there will be lots more girls trips in the future!

I’ve noticed over the last couple of days, that I’m starting to analyse the things we are doing on holiday and thinking, I’ll be doing this in just three months, by myself…

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