The Battle for Brown

OK, so today is d-day (b-day??) – the day of my first ever spray tan.  So how did it all go down I hear you ask?
I turn up at Skin Gym and I don’t think I could be more scared of what’s about to happen.  I hope I’ve followed all the pre-tan instructions to the T, but I just can’t relax – in the worry of trying to get the list of instructions right – I’ve totally forgotten that I’m going to be NAKED!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh – what the hell have I got myself into, and do I really want to sacrifice my privacy just to be beautifully brown on holiday?
I ring the doorbell and the girl who answers is superfriendly, ushering me in out of the cold and rain.  This is the girl who is going to turn me from pasty to perfectly brown.  She is soooo lovely and makes me feel super comfortable.  ‘Just think of me as a doctor, I see bodies all the time!’  I don’t have the heart to tell her none of my doctors have ever seen me as naked as she has, with the exception of the one who delivered me, but she goes on chatting and in no time at all I’m in the booth being sprayed golden.
So the actual tan goes well, though with my poor eyes at this time of night I can’t actually tell just how brown I am.  When I reveal the area of my skin where the g-string was placed, I can see immediately there is a world of difference, but I still don’t know how it’s going to look when I wash it off.  Two and a half hours to go til I can wash it off and see what I’ve ended up with….
….Time’s up and…
It seems that most of the tan washed off in the shower cause I’m not as many shades of brown as I was before I went in.  But I’ll see how it goes in the plain light of day….
….plain light of day – totally forgot that I get up at sparrows fart, practically still the middle of the night and dark, dark, dark…I can definitely see that the tan is there (phewww) and my knees look a bit patchy (maybe that’s to do with how I washed it off?) …but I do feel better about myself not being so white, so I think the tan has accomplished what I wanted it to.  Yay!  Now lets see how long it lasts!

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