Sizing myself up for Singapore

There’s less than a week to go until the Singapore Six hit shopping heaven, and its time to get ready.  My hair has been re-coloured, Jo and I have a manicure/pedicure set up for today and the packing has commenced.  So what to do about our pasty winter skin……?
Well I can’t believe it, but I’ve been talked into my first spray tan.  The list of preparations to be made before the tan is unbelievable and I have to admit I am scared stiff!  It just seems to me to be a long list of possible things that could go wrong – I’m having nightmares about going to Singapore with more patches than a patchwork quilt!
I mean just look at this list:
  1. Any waxing is to be done the day before (at the latest);
  2. Any shaving is to be done at least 8 hours before;
  3. Start exfoliating to get your skin ready;
  4. Have a shower before you go and exfoliate;
  5. Do not put on moisturiser;
  6. Do not put on deodorant;
  7. Tie up your hair;
  8. Take off your jewellery;
  9. Take lip balm with you;
  10. Take moisturiser with you in case they don’t put sunblock on your hands and feet; and
  11. Wear loose black clothing afterwards.
So tune in next week when I tell you how it all goes brown,… I mean down.

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