Singapore Six

Alright – last trip before the big solo jaunt to Japan, and this one is anything but solo.  Six, yes that’s right, six of us lovely ladies are off to trip the light fantastic and shop up a storm in Singapore.  We’ve already been dubbed the “Singapore Six” by a work colleague, so here’s a rundown on who we are:

Me – scaredy pants solo traveller.  This is my 7th or 8th (I’ve lost count) trip to Singapore.  I love this island – it’s everything I could want – shopping, history, cocktails, massages and culture.  It’s a great stepping stone to other places, and I always have a ball here.  I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this girls trip!

Jo – my walking buddy.  This is our 2nd trip to Singapore together and I can’t remember ever shopping here as much as I did with Jo.  When it comes to shopping and relaxation, Jo is definitely my partner in crime.  I can’t wait to shop up a storm in Singapore with Jo – wonder who’s going to end up with the most new shoes?

Erin – my trusted companion for all things artsy and musical and it’s also our 2nd trip to Singapore together.  Last trip we did a “Face your Fears” day, which turned out to be a fabulous idea – Erin found out the Flyer wasn’t so bad after all, and I ended up enjoying the feet eating fish!  What can we conquer this time?

Feb – the most easy going, fun loving girl you could meet.  She’s always the life of the party with her infectious laugh and devilish nature.  Feb hasn’t been to Singapore for a long, long time – so she’ll no doubt be amazed by the changes and she’ll be the perfect addition to girls nights out.  She makes me laugh every time and I can’t wait to hit the dancefloor with her.

Lindsay – she’s a fitness fanatic.  Whilst PT sessions make me want to run (like away), she’s taken PT and run with it.  Lindsay’s super lovely and it’ll be great to get to know her even more.

Sarah – I’ve only met a couple of times, but she’s been really enthusiastic about this trip (spotting the fantastic deal on our hotel on Agoda) and if she’s friends with Jo and Lindsay, we’ll be right as rain.

So that’s the crew.  We are booked into the Swissotel Merchant Court on Clarke Quay.  I’ve never stayed here before, and I’m looking forward to a change in hotel and location.  Get ready…the Singapore Six are about to land.

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