Singapore and the Merlions Magical Cocktail Train – Day Ten

We sat by the pool for several hours today enjoying the lovely water and I managed to relax for a while before I finished my book and got bored.  The weather had also started to get really, really humid.  Singapore gets 95% humidity, with temperatures between 22 and 38 degrees celsius, and the humidity has really set in over the last couple of days.  So there was no way we were going to walk anywhere.  We caught the beach tram down to the beach bars, but even with very little walking, it was so humid, that our clothes felt drenched with sweat by the time we took a seat at Coastes beach bar for lunch.  Coastes had a special Melon Fantasy cocktail for S$12, which really hit the spot and I could have sat there all afternoon washing the heat away with these.

Tonight we are booked on the Red Lantern Trolley Tour, so we head over to Suntec City early to make sure we don’t miss the bus.  We start the tour with a trip out to Marine Parade in the heartland district.  Each of these typical suburban towns, which is home to the typical Singaporean, is set up with everything its residents need.  There are tennis courts, some have pools and there are communal areas for get togethers.  There are shops selling everything from brooms to school books, mobile phone covers to pet supplies and all sorts of hawker markets.  It was something I’d wanted to do for a while now, so I was really happy to have seen one of these areas and wouldn’t mid doing another similar tour, perhaps with another tour company to get a different overview.
Next stop was a drive through Katong, but the guide didn’t really point the area out to us, which was disappointing.  I think Tour East also does a tour through here, so I’ll have to put that on the list for another time.  Anyway, next stop was at Geylang, which is the red light district.  It’s a very tame red light district, with streets lined with all these little tiny roadside hotels, where the “good times” are had.  There were lots of girls lining the streets around the area too.  We weren’t supposed to take photos, but the guide didn’t mention that before I got in a few bad photos.  The bus dropped us off at Clarke Quay, where we headed back to Tomo for dinner.  I was really looking forward to this tour, and it had the prospect of being awesome, but it really only scratched the surface of what I thought we would see, and the guide didn’t really tell us as much about what we were seeing as she could have been, so I thought it was a little overpriced.
We managed to score S$2 Singapore Slings at the Quay cause Wednesday night is Ladies Night, so we gulped down a couple of these before dinner.
Despite the number of really tasty looking restaurants around the Quay, we headed back to Tomo, mainly cause the heat doesn’t make you feel like eating anything huge and filling, and Tomo’s light Japanese menu and riverside location are just perfect for a hot, humid evening.  After Haagen Daaz for dessert, it was back home to Sentosa to sleep off the heat of the day.
Cocktail of the Day:  Sakuratini

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