Singapore and the Merlions Magical Cocktail Trail – Day Nine

This morning is our special appointment with Underwater World, where we bought Mum a Swim with the Dolphins for her birthday this year.  There were 6 people attending the program and they were split into two groups, with a trainer and pink dolphin each, and got the opportunity to teach the dolphins all sorts of tricks.  The dolphins start out grey, and get pinker as they get older.  It was a great morning and I think Mum thoroughly enjoyed it.
It rained most of this afternoon, and it was hard to decide what to do for the remainder of the day, so when all else fails, you gotta go shopping.  We caught the MRT to the city and went shopping along Orchard Road again, but there wasn’t really anything that caught our interest.  We booked a trolley tour for tomorrow night, and headed back to Sentosa.
On arrival at the hotel, the peacocks were out in force, but once again I didn’t have my camera ready, and by the time I got it together most of them had disappeared and I practically had to chase this one round the front of the hotel for a photo – the other tourists must have thought I was insane!
Dinner tonight was at Barnacles Restaurant at our hotel.  It sits behind the pool area of the hotel overlooking the South China Sea.  Dinner is nice, but the humidity is really getting to me and its really tiring.

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