Singapore and the Merlions Magical Cocktail Trail – Day Three

After a healthy fruit breakfast (in anticipation of some cakes at Brunetti’s later!), we spent some time relaxing by the pool, but it was cloudy and not warm enough to let us linger too long.
We had been eying off the cakes and pastries at Brunetti’s for the last couple of days, and they were worth the weight (haha).  What a treat having this little beauty behind our hotel!  Today I thought we would check out a few of the newer shops and malls along Orchard Road, mainly Somerset 313, and a bit of ION Orchard.  But today is exceptionally muggy and raining, and we lose interest in moving from mall to mall.

For lunch we stopped at Oriole outside Somerset 313 where we dined on arancini balls, field mushroom salad and a glass of Chandon at Oriole, before browsing our way back along Orchard Road.  We pick up a few treats at Breadtalk for tomorrow’s breakfast as we have an early start for our trip to Malaysia.  Breadtalk is an amazing shop with all sorts of sweet and savoury bread treats, at really good prices.  Best thing about this place for an early morning start is, that if you don’t finish everything you bought, they make good snacks for later on!

Given our early start tomorrow morning, we opted for an early dinner at Ah Hoi’s at the hotel, where I attempt the Black Pepper Crab for the first time ever.  Supplied with a big bib in anticipation of the mess I might create, I dig in.  It sure is a messy and undignified meal to eat, but I’m pleased to say, my bib remained spotless, which is more than I can say for Mum, who opted for a ‘safe meal’ and ended up with half of it down the front of her!

Cocktail of the Day – Long Island tea

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