Singapore and the Merlions Magical Cocktail Trail – Day Six

The beds and pillows at the Hotel Istana were really hard, so neither of us had as good a nights sleep as the previous night.  However, we are leaving KL for Singapore at around midday, so it’s up and at em for any last minute sightseeing this morning.
Breakfast at the hotel is fairly good, its another buffet with all the usual suspects (beef rending for breakfast anyone???), but once again, it’s not as good as the breakfast at the Equatorial Hotel in Melaka.  After breakfast we walked to the Petronas Towers to see if we could buy a ticket for the Skybridge.  Unfortunately they were all sold out until 4.15pm in the afternoon – not sure why the guy at the desk last night didn’t bother to tell us we didn’t have a hope in hell of getting a ticket for the next day!  We managed to get a few photos of the outside of the tower anyway, that were free.  No doubt if we had paid the money to get up there, we wouldn’t have been able to see much with the weather as it was. 
On the way back to the hotel, we detoured to Bukit Bintang Road to have a quick browse in the Pavillion shopping mall.  Massive mall, just like all the others.  We browsed around a bit, mainly to get out of the sweat drenching heat, and then headed back to the hotel to pack up our stuff and head back to Singapore.  KL hasn’t really impressed me, it’s too much of another big city, without too much of a warming quality to it.  Though the hotel staff we extremely polite and friendly, not many people outside the hotel were.  In fact we got pushed in on and ignored on a regular basis during our 1 ½ day stay.  It’s definitely not somewhere I’d want to return to and I can’t wait to get back to the cleanliness of Singapore.
The trip back to Singapore is a long one – about 5 hours.  Our poor driver Mohammed comes from Johor Bahru and had driven to KL from JB to collect us only this morning!  He did buy us some really nice curry puffs at one of the rest stops outside of Melaka, but I think we’re the ones who should have done the treating!  Finally, after our long and rainy trip, we arrive back at the Traders Hotel just after 5.30pm.
Clarke Quay is on the itinerary for dinner tonight, and after wandering round checking out about a dozen menus, we decide on Tomo Japanese restaurant along the river.  I ordered Tempura prawns and needing something to go on the side, at the last minute chose a Gomou salad – which was awesome.  The Oiran cocktail was also divine!
Cocktail of the Day:  Oiran.

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