Singapore and the Merlions Magical Cocktail Trail – Day Two

Today we decided to just dawdle around and take our time, but we were surprised at the end of the day by just how much we had actually accomplished!  We started out with breakfast at Brunetti’s – mushroom omelettes with toast, tomatoes, salad and a sausage, with spicy chai latte for Mum and a fresh green apple juice for me.  The food was awesome, and you should see their array of cakes and biscuits – absolutely mouthwatering.  Thank goodness there appears to be a range of mini versions of each cake, I guess so that you can try one of each in the shop!

After breakfast we took another leisurely stroll around Tanglin Mall before heading back to the hotel to fresh up and head on out.  First stop of the day was the Marina Bay Shoppes. I didn’t quite realise the scale of these shops at all before today, but there are sooo many shops here – Jimmy Choo, Charles & Keith, Royce chocolates, Chanel, Gucci….., not to mention the skating rink and sampan rides on the canal that runs through the middle of the shoppes.  Of course we did the touristy thing and took a sanpan ride – costs $10 and doesn’t take that long, but hey we’re tourists!

After that we had a brief look around a couple of the shops and then decided to treat ourselves to the OPI nail salon.  Nails trimmed and painted, it was onwards to the ArtScience Museum.  The two main exhibitions currently running at the ASM are Andy Warhol and the Titanic.  We managed to get a ticket that discounted entry to both, and also to the Skypark for later on in the evening.  The Warhol exhibition was interesting.  Along with all the old favourites, such as Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe, there were a number of other really interesting pieces showcasing his career. However, the Titanic exhibition (which was not really the one I was looking forward to) was extremely well done, from the section of the exhibition where you walked into what the boat looked like (actual corridors with doors, and also a promenade deck looking out into the night), to the another section where you walked in onto a clear kind of floor, under which it was made to look like the ocean floor with sand and old relics lying on the ocean bed.  Also on display, a real sheet of ice, which you could touch and feel, just for extra effect.

Finishing up at Marina Bay, we grabbedthe MRT to Orchard Road and stocked up on perfume at Dollars & Scent in Lucky Plaza.  I scored some Jimmy Choo for a good price and Mum bought out half the shop!  After making a few other purchases in ION Orchard, we headed for the taxi rank as it had started pouring!

We made it back to the hotel, and refreshed after a couple of glasses of champers and a nice long hot bubble bath each, we got dressed up (not sure why though, cause no-one else seems to!) and headed back to Marina Bay, for cocktails and a view from the SkyPark.  The view was actually quite stunning with all the lights of Singapore twinkling away.  After taking a million photos, we grabbed a quick cocktail at Ku De Ta, while the sun set.

Tonight, the ArtScience Musuem was hosting a special launch of 2,228 Kong Ming lanterns to mark the maiden voyage of the Titanic 100 years ago.  2,228 was the number of passengers aboard the Titanic when she sunk.  The lanterns looked just gorgeous standing in the lotus pond underneath the ASM building, all lit up and twinkling.  This event is part of a week long commemoration of the voyage, and apparently there are all sorts of other activities lined up.

Last stop of the night was at Black Angus to satiate Mum’s craving for a steak.  What a great choice.  The meal although it seemed pricey upon first glance of the menu, ended up being pretty good value.  We had a fresh salad entree, which although simple, was really fresh, followed by our steaks with potato and steamed vegetables, which were perfectly done.  We had a lovely outside table, and could enjoy the breeze that seems to be resident on this street corner.

Ah, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?….

Cocktail of the Day:  Passion Mojito (front) and Berry Bellini.

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