This section of my blog is for all the cool tunes I love from around the world. To me, experiencing a country is about experiencing all of it, including the music.


PlanBe – My favourite Polish artist. Loving this very old school love song, released just this week.
Quebonafide – Love this guy. You should especially check his travel raps including this one.


Headphones President – I can’t even remember how I found these guys now, probably just googling. But I love them, including their accoustic album which is awesome.
Coldrain – I first saw them at the Soundwave Festival in Melbourne and loved them straight away.


Taeyang – From the popular Korean band Big Bang, Taeyang has established his own solo career. This song with Tablo is a favourite of mine.
Big Bang – How can you not dance to these guys?

Hong Kong

Jackson Wang – Whilst he’s technically on the Korean boy band scene, he is originally from Hong Kong. Sultry.

United States of America

Deftones – Formed in 1988, they’ve been around a while and still make amazing music. I was lucky enough to catch them in Australia.

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